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AKC Standard Poodle Puppies

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Date of Birth:
15 August 2018

0 years, 3 months, 30 days

Date Listed:
14 September 2018



-The Dam and Sire or both Cream Colored, AKC Standard Poodle registered, Genetic Testing all Good. *Daisy is AKC registered, very smart and energetic. Her dad was a black Poodle from a showline, her mom comes from a line of trained Medical alert dogs (seizure, diabetes, etc) and sheep herding dogs. She has a natural talent to herd sheep with her attentiveness and eagerness to please. *Gentle and beautiful Jack is AKC and CKC registered. We are happy he is part of our family as he is patient and loving with our children and has the drive to complete tasks. Jack should pass his excellent temperament qualities to his offspring along with beautiful coats and correct head and body structures. Email for more information, we are accepting applications with the $500 deposit to reserve your puppy now! Puppies were born August 15, 2018; they will be 8 weeks old and ready to go home on October 10th. See our website for more photos and info: vitalityfarmandkennel Photos Show the Following in Order: Cream Male, Apricot Girl, Cream Boy w White Star on Head, Light Apricot Girl, Dark Cream Girl, Rusty Color Male, Apricot Beige Girl, Creamy Apricot Girl, Beige Girl, Light Brown Girl - Our dogs go through rigorous genetic and health testing to make sure your pet will enjoy a lifetime of good health, free of any genetic related diseases. We provide a Health Guarantee. -A healthy diet for the mommy means she will have healthy puppies, so we feed our dogs a premium Holistic formulated dog food (Life Abundance), organic raw goat and sheep milk, and organic homegrown meat (chicken and sheep) from our farm. -Puppies are well socialized in different environments and other farm animals; we have 2 toddlers who help acclimate the puppies to children, and we follow scientific methods of early puppy socialization. -Good pedigree lines, holistic diet, and early socialization is vital to successful service, agility and confirmation dog prospects. -All puppies have been de-wormed and will receive full vaccinations from our local vet hospital and will arrive with a "good health certification". -In addition, puppies will be evaluated with Volhard's Puppy Aptitude Test to make sure you get the pet with the temperament best suited to your family (based on your family's lifestyle, needs, and energies). -Your 'perfect' poodle companion or service pet starts at $1500 with the Spay/Neuter Contract. Our goal is to provide local families with a lifelong companion/service animal that will not end back up at the pound. If you are no longer able to care for your puppy, we require that you let us know or bring it back, we will help you find it a new family. Each dog is a special pet, deserving of a quality life with a loving family.

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