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Black and Tan German Shepard

Black and Tan German Shepard  Listing Image

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New York

German Shepherd Dog (Alsatian)

Date of Birth:
12 November 2016

2 years, 1 months, 2 days

Date Listed:
12 March 2018

Dog (male)



Description- Max is a friendly 15 month old German Shepard Pup. He weighs about 85-95 lbs. He loves people and loves to be around other dogs. Max is also trained and discplined, he will soon be able to guard the house. Selling the puppies I am looking for an owner that is dedicated and well prepared. In the end of the procsess which is when the female dog will give birth, I will be there to assist and will be creating a website to sell the puppies and will also be putting them on websites like this one In the end I am hoping to get 30%-50% of the cash but we can negotiate this later.

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