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Male Pembroke Corgi Stud

Male Pembroke Corgi Stud Listing Image

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Southern California

Kennel club name:
American Kennel Club

Corgi (Pembroke)

Date of Birth:
30 November 2016

2 years, 1 months, 20 days

Date Listed:
16 April 2018

Dog (male)



Male pembroke corgi seeking unfixed female pembroke corgi. Rusty is a red and white Pembroke Welsh corgi. He is certified under the American Kennel Club. He has a great personality, friendly, and very smart. He is petite for a male, weighing 27 lbs. His frame is smaller than the average corgi so we refer to him as a mini corgi. If your female is small as well, they may breed smaller corgis, which would be ideal for apartment living and those who would like a smaller sized corgi.

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