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Top Breed German Shepherd Male

Top Breed German Shepherd Male Listing Image

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Maximilian von der Misty Ridge

New Jersey

Kennel club name:
Maximilian von der Misty Ridge - AKC

German Shepherd Dog (Alsatian)

Date of Birth:
11 April 2017

2 years, 5 months, 10 days

Date Listed:
22 January 2018

Dog (male)



Max is a top breed Misty Ridge dog. He is son of imported parents Thao Mhuramel and Gina vom Hochstadter Wappen. All Misty Ridge dogs are known for their demeanor and intelligence and most are usually working dog types or Schutzhund. Max is a gorgeous and friendly with a short to medium length shiny coat. He is black and red with hints of silver and his pedigree is outstanding. He is currently 1 year old and 97 pounds, projected to mature into the low 100's. I will be offering a substantial discount for his first few studs as he is a beginner. He has already shown that he is eager to mate.

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