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Looking to breed my Labrador Retriever

Looking to breed my Labrador Retriever Listing Image

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St. Catharines

Labrador Retriever

Date of Birth:
01 November 2010

9 years, 8 months, 13 days

Date Listed:
03 January 2016

Dog (male)



I'm looking to breed my yellow Labrador Retriever, Mickey. I'm hoping to breed him with a chocolate female, but I'm open to any color really, as well as Labrador mixes. The stud fee is first pick of the litter, I'm hoping for a chocolate male out of it, but that's not set in stone either as it truly depends on which one I end up liking best. I own Mickey's Mother (the other yellow in one of the photos) and my Aunt bred the generations before her. So, I know the family history and genes. My Mother also has one of Mickey's siblings (the black Lab in one of the photos) and my stepfather had his Uncle. His Mother was purebred, but his Father was quarter Border Collie (one of his parents were mixed.) Mickey is very affectionate and energetic, but can also be calm. He's smart, silly and very loving. He has never had any health issues or shown any signs of aggression. He's great with kids and other animals such as other dogs and cats. Despite being very excited all the time and very active, he's also very obediant and well trained. Mickey is 5 years old, but hasn't slowed down or shown any signs of being too old to breed. He's still as healthy in that area as he was a year or two ago. I'd prefer to breed him soon when he's still in his prime. If you're interested in breeding your female Labrador with mine please, feel free to contact me. Thank you - Alessa

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