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Pedigree Brown and White Bearded Collie

Pedigree Brown and White Bearded Collie Listing Image

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Kennel club name:
Pelido Love Song (AM2)

Bearded Collie

Date of Birth:
30 December 2010

9 years, 6 months, 12 days

Date Listed:
25 February 2013

Dog (male)



My name is Franco and I am a Brown and White bearded Collie who turned two in December. I love to socialise with adults, children and more importantly other dogs. I come from the Pelido line of Bearded Collies who have won events and competitions all over the world. I have all my pedigree papers and am Kennel Club reggistered which is all available for you to view. I have an exceptionally thick coat that is not normally seen on most Beardies and it is evenly marked all over my body, however I am normally shaved as Im much happier and cooler that way. My eyes are unique in their colour although you cant normally see them due to my fringe. I am far too clever for my own good and have perfected all of the tricks in the book. I was house and toliet trained within a week of arriving at my home, and despite my intelligence I have never broken or destroyed any of my masters furniture.

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