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Miniture Pinscher

Date of Birth:
21 February 2017

3 years, 0 months, 8 days

Date Listed:
24 October 2017

Dog (male)



Our sweet and loving Tyson is full bred with papers. We are looking to breed him with someone who is looking to breed their dog for the purpose of having one litter of puppies because they want another dog and or want freinds and family to have a puppy. I AM NOT LOOKING FOR ANYONE WHO IS BREEDING TO SELL OR WHO HAS A DOG WHO HAS ALREADY HAD MULTIPLE LITTERS. The dogs health and wellbeing come first and we only want to talk to people with live with their dog , in the home, as a full member of the family. Our goal would be to get a puppy from the litter. We are animal lovers and want to be sure the puppies and the mother are fully taken care of throughout the pregnancy by a family vet and we will want to have a reference from your vet confirming your relationship and commitment. Tyson is plauful and loving and lives in the house with others dogs as well as cats. He's very smart and extremely handsome. He loves to cuddle, play ball and swim when ever possible. He's an excellent protector and thinks like a big dog by responding to anything he hears at night that doesn't sound right. He is 18 pounds and has well proportioned muscular body and beautiful glossy coat I simply can not say enough good about him and hope to find someone willing to come to West Palm Beach to breed their girl.

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