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The most handsome Cockapoo EVER!! Looking to stud.

The most handsome Cockapoo EVER!! Looking to stud. Listing Image

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Date of Birth:
25 June 2015

5 years, 0 months, 7 days

Date Listed:
10 October 2018

Dog (male)



We are looking to stud our handsome cinnamon colored cockerpoo "cockapoo". We prefer to only breed with a female cockerpoo. We have been told several times by the vet that his color is very unusual. Sammy is very intelligent, playful, but calm when we are resting. He has a consistent weight of around 18lbs which we have found to be smaller than most cockerpoo's. His parents weighed around 20-25lbs. He is free of all diseases and updated on all shots. We keep him on flea and heartworm medicine. He gets an abundance amount of compliments because of his attractive color and looks. His favorite thing to do is ride in a car and stick his head out of the window. Sammy is able to stay out in our home during work hours and is excellent. He has a younger sister, Emmie, which is our black curly Goldendoodle. He plays well with her and is good around children. He does shed, but the hair is very fine. Cockerpoo's were not an AKC registered breed at the time of purchase. He is part of the American Cockerpoo Association which is a national association for this breed created due to no AKC option. Sammy was purchased from a Cockerpoo breeder in Tigerville, SC.

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