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Unregistered English Bull Dog stud (75lbs solid)

Unregistered English Bull Dog stud (75lbs solid) Listing Image

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Henry Wilbur Johnson


Bulldog (British Only)

Date of Birth:
22 November 2017

2 years, 0 months, 0 days

Date Listed:
27 May 2019

Dog (male)



Henry's mother has papers but Henry's father never had papers, even though he is a purebred as well. He is only 1 year 6 months old from the date of this posting. We have been with Henry since the day he was born and actually helped with bringing him up with all his other 6 syblings, witch all sold for well over $3400 apiece. He comes from a loving home with 2 other dogs and is a real cuddler and has such the extrodinary personality for a bull dog! He is so curious about everything and extremly playful! He weighs in at 76lbs and is in great physical shape and is very lean. He is what we call a grazer when it comes to eating, we just fill his bowl and he eats when he likes and never self endulges. Henry has some of the best facial features that we or anyone else has ever seen! How can you not love a face like his!

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