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Labradoodle stud dog

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Date of Birth:
26 December 2017

1 years, 8 months, 24 days

Date Listed:
07 September 2019

Dog (male)



Available as stud is Rocky, our non-dilute black standard/medium F2b Labradoodle. He stands at 21 nches to the shoulder, weighs 26kg and has a thick curly coat, which will help enhance the breed qualities. Rocky has been extensively DNA tested for the following genetic health disorders that affect the Labradoodle: CNM - (clear) DM - (clear) EIC - (clear) HUU - (clear) NEwS - (clear) PKD - (clear) PRA-prcd - (clear) vWD1 - (clear) Rocky has also been hip and elbow scored by the BVA BVA hip score - 13 BVA elbow score 0 He carries the chocolate and cream genes and also has two copies of the coat curl, long coat and furnishings genes, ensuring that all his puppies will have curly/wavy coats with full facial fur. His fee £350 is for two matings 48 hours apart and payable upon the first. Should your girl not fall pregnant, a free mating on her next season is provided. He has the most amazing coat and people are always commenting on it wherever we go. Rocky is a 3rd generation labradoodle and comes from a home bred family, I have met both his patents and grandparents. His dad is a KC registered pedigree black mini poodle and his mum is an apricot labradoodle. Rocky the most loving dog you could ever meet. He is a proven stud dog, who is very gentle with the ladies and has an excellent laid back temperament. Litter sizes are averaging between 7 -12

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