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Havanese and Shih Tzu hybrid

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Central Illinois


Date of Birth:
02 October 2018

1 years, 2 months, 12 days

Date Listed:
12 October 2019

Dog (male)



Meet Nippet our Havashu (a Havanese/Shih Tzu hybrid). He is very cute and sweet dog. He is loyal beyond words and loves to be around his people. He is a guard dog and protects his people by growling and barking at times - mostly at strange noises and sometimes at strangers. But he is super quiet when content. He likes to stand on his hind legs to be taller when trying to be the dominant dog around bigger dogs. He can be quite fearless. He is energetic and playful. He loves to play fetch. He is also a cuddler and loves to be held. He likes most people and is really good around children. I would love for him to breed with other small breeds - especially havanese. Please contact me if you are interested. Thanks for looking!

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