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Male Australian Shepherd/Blue Merle Stud

Male Australian Shepherd/Blue Merle Stud Listing Image

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Kip Kimmerly Weingartz


Australian Shepherd

Date of Birth:
04 July 2018

1 years, 10 months, 21 days

Date Listed:
17 October 2019

Dog (male)



Hey there! My name is Savanah Valdez and I am the owner of Kip. Kip is an amazing boy who is full of love and TONS of energy. His dad is AKC certified and weighed closed to 70 pounds (black tri) his mother is not AKC certified and weighed 35 pounds (blue merle) Kip is very intelligent (Aussie trait of course) and has an amazing temperament. When choosing a dog it is important that they fall under a certain category, and Kip exceeded every puppy “test” we did when we chose him from the breeder. He is protective (in a safe manner) and always wanting to learn new tricks. He loves humans, other dogs.. anything that is alive! He plays great with other dogs. This boy isn’t scared of anything and is an amazing listener. Huge personality that I love so much! -Male -Blue Merle -30 pounds -Looking to be ”studded out” -Considered a “MINI” We’d love to meet with anyone interested in Kip (as a stud) Please feel free to reach out to me for photos/videos/or any questions in general about Kip! -Savanah

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