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Pedigree Pug for Stud

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Date of Birth:
11 April 2017

3 years, 5 months, 14 days

Date Listed:
08 November 2019

Dog (male)



Lovely 2 and a half year old pug called Teddy. He's my pet and he's an absolute joy! My parents are looking for another dog and as they have such a great bond with Ted too, I would love to be uable to give them one of his pups! He's not proven however he is definitely up for the job!! Had a vet check 22/10 and deemed absolutely perfect health. No breathing problems at all and no issues whatsoever since birth. Beautiful temperament, delightful dog so loving. Amazing rare apricot colour with perfect double curled tail. Small for a pug and still has puppy like features! He is a pure breeed however unregistered, but I saw his parents and bought from a trusted breeder so am confident in this. Looking to breed with another pug / French bulldog / jack Russel / Pomeranian / similar size - not too fussy really we're open to suggestions! Would be great if they were an experienced breeder as I am new to this! Not looking for payment - simply would love to take one pup for my mum and dad. Would like a £100 deposit against this until the puppy is old enough to go to it's forever home! Please contact me if you have any questions, thanks for reading x

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