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Brown Sable Standard Poodle -Multi Colour Carrier

Brown Sable Standard Poodle -Multi Colour Carrier Listing Image

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Date of Birth:
13 July 2018

2 years, 0 months, 24 days

Date Listed:
14 January 2020

Dog (male)



Available at stud is my proven handsome brown based Sable Standard Poodle, Milo. He is KC registered. He is available to standard poodles and other suitable breeds of good health and temperament. Milo has been colour tested (kyky/ayat/bb/Ee/Ssp) and depending on the bitch he is mated to Milo is able to produce puppies of every colour possible. He has so far sired two litters of puppies and has had red, apricot, cream, black, blue, sable, seal, phantom and abstracts. Milo is a beautiful and affectionate dog with a playful loving nature. He loves nothing more than being cuddled. He is 24” to the shoulder and 20kg. He has an excellent hip score of 4/2, a current clear BVA eye certificate and DNA clear of prcd-Pra, NEwS and VWD1. Stud fee (£400) is for two matings 24-48 hrs apart. Fee payable on first tie. Please ensure your girl is definitely ready to be mated, I would recommend progesterone testing.

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