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Amazing English bulldog and beagle mix

Amazing English bulldog and beagle mix Listing Image

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Date of Birth:
04 May 2017

3 years, 5 months, 18 days

Date Listed:
16 September 2020

Dog (male)



Our dog Brutus is a mix of English Bulldog and Beagle. He is by far the most amazing dog I've ever met and although I am obviously a bit partial, it is absolutely true!he has amazing temperament, an incredible muscular frame and body, gorgeous coloring that favors the beagle with the tri-color coat including brindle spots, and a beautiful bulldog face but with elongated snout and hound ears from the beagle also. Thia is said to help fix some of the breathing issues that purebred bulldogs tend to have. We mainly want to breed Brutus because we love him so much and want to have his puppies to keep for ourselves so that a piece of this dog will live with us forever. He is 7 years old and in excellent health. We are open to negotiate with female dog owners as to the situation, we simply want to keep a couple of the puppies.

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