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F1 Standard Goldendoodle for Stud

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Date of Birth:
04 April 2019

1 years, 8 months, 1 days

Date Listed:
22 September 2020

Dog (male)



Teddy does not shed at all! We have never found a single hair from him in our house. He weighs about 45 pounds, but is very tall (27 inches from the shoulders down to the paws). His father is an apricot colored AKC standard poodle, and his mother is a non-AKC golden retriever. Teddy's coat is golden-colored. He also has the most affectionate personality of any dog we have ever met and is very sweet and gentle with our toddler. He is a great retriever and has never had any health issues (we have a clean bill of health from the vet). We believe he truly is the best representation of what goldendoodles are meant to be, which is why we decided to offer him for breeding. We have an amazing vet hospital near us that performs all the collection and shipping services, and the vet also guarantees enough live semen for a full insemination. Guaranteed minimum of four puppies in litter if insemination is performed by a vet. Stud fee: $500 plus collection and shipping

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