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Australian Labradoodle

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Date of Birth:
01 July 2017

3 years, 5 months, 4 days

Date Listed:
21 November 2020

Dog (male)



Sol is a beautiful Australian Labradoodle who is a well experienced stud. He is friendly, caring and wonderful with children. He is the perfect dog and we could not imagine our family without him. He has fantastic natures with a superb dense Aussie doodle coat He has fathered 3 litters so far! PRICE.... No up front cost Just 1 pup from litter.. Also open to another options He can mate Labrador , Labradoodle , bordoodles, cockapoos, Goldendoodles, golden retrievers etc , he has sired some absolutely stunning puppies Facts: * 3 years old *EXTENSIVELY HEALTH TESTED * Hip score = 3:4-Total-7 (A very healthy score average breed score is 13) * Elbow score =O Excellent DNA tests CNM-clear DM-clear EIC-clear HUU-clear HNPK-clear NEWS-clear PRA-crd4-clear PRA-PCRD-clear SD2-clear VED1-clear * All vaccinations up to date He is medium size Australian Labradoodle 17-18 inch to shoulder and 15kg We are very aware that as a result of COVID hygiene is of the upmost importance. So please be reassured that all necessary precautions will be taken when breeding. So get in touch if you want to discuss breeding and stud fees!

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