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Golden Retriever health-tested stud

Golden Retriever health-tested stud Listing Image

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LOMAH Misty River’s Ogre Prince “Shrek”

Guilford County NC

Golden Retriever

Date of Birth:
01 September 2018

2 years, 8 months, 8 days

Date Listed:
16 February 2021

Dog (male)



Shrek is a proven stud. He’s genetically clear through Embark of PRA1, PRA2, PRCD, ICT, DM, MD, NCL, as well as every other genetic concern in the Embark test. He has all Normal/Good OFA clearances for hip, elbow, patella, heart, and eye. He has mild Distichiasis, or extra eyelashes, and should be bred to a female clear of Distichiasis. *Females must provide a current negative Brucellosus test before mating. This is non-negotiable. He’s available for live coverage only in Greensboro, at this time.

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