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Looking for a Working Line Stud

Looking for a Working Line Stud  Listing Image

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Kennel club name:
Daira of House JUODAROZE

German Shepherd Dog

Date of Birth:
28 February 2016

7 years, 1 months, 1 days

Date Listed:
29 May 2017

Bitch (female)



Hello , we are looking to breed Daira next June approx, male must be health tested and has gained at least IPO1, otherwise plese do not offer your stud. Daira of House JUODAROZE Kennel Club Registered Working Line German Shepard Bitch (Lyfame Lintus x Becca Von Yesbe - Imp Hun) Award Winners in the line : Fanny Vom Fluchtweg - SCHH3 (SG-BSP) IPO3 Anton Von Der Siebengebirgsperle - SCHH3 (SG-BSP), IPO3 , 4XLGA Olly Von Der Horst - SCHH3 (BSP)/IPO3 Troll von der bösen Nachbarschaft - V-BSP, SG-BSP, G-BSP, SCHH3, IPO3, FH, BH, AD, DNA Lord vom Gleisdreieck - SCHH3, FH3 3x DDR SIEGER, EUROPAMEISTER Donn vom Dreidörfereck - SCHH3 (V-BSP) FH IP3 Ignaz vom Oberscholvenerweg - 3XBSP, V-BSP, SCHH3, FH Askia vom Froschgraben - V-BSP, SG-BSP, SCHH3, IP3, FH Andy von der Bildsäule - SCHH3 ( V-IDM ) FH DH2 WPO **Pedigree is more than 100 years old, these are just some of the award winners in the line** Born : 28th of February 2016 Hip Score: Not Scored yet Elbow Score : Not Scored yet Height:- Still growing Weight:- Still growing

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