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Handsome liver nose green eyes ridgeback

Handsome liver nose green eyes ridgeback  Listing Image

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Leicestershire North Kilworth

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Date of Birth:
27 August 2016

3 years, 9 months, 3 days

Date Listed:
10 November 2017

Dog (male)



Young and gorgeous Rhodesian Ridgeback available for Stud. We adore him and he adores us back but I feel there is something missing for him... He is a fully registered dog with no heath problems and is up to date with his vaccinations. He is a full bread with his distinctive Ridge, rhe fifth of his generation. Both his parents were gorgeous but he is just a step above because of his personality, the most clumsy and adorable dog, he would rather have a cuddle than run eat all his favourite meals laid out together for him. He is a sucker for a cuddle!!! He is only young but his skills are just incredible. He is so caring towards our daughter and children in general ar ! Zoulou is our family dog ans has been brought up with our family of two cats and one young toddler. He is gentle but very playful especially with men in general, a lot more gentle towards ladies which is just too adorable ! This will be his first time Studding but we are very confident he is a willing participant and looking for a mate.

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