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Blonde Bachelor

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Date of Birth:
15 November 2012

9 years, 9 months, 4 days

Date Listed:
15 January 2018

Dog (male)



I KNOW THE DATE LISTED SAYS JANUARY 2018 BUT I AM STILL LOOKING! February 27, 2019: Friendly, playful mixed baby! Though he’s an older gentleman, he’s full of energy and somehow manages to go on long hikes for several hours. He is tolerant, has an incredible endurance and stamina. He also loves swimming and playing in water. His hair grows long and waived / curley, it is thin and very soft! He barely sheds which is a plus. I would prefer to breed with a cockapoo but I will also breed him with a toy poodle, Maltese, Poodle, cocker spaniel or anything doodle. I'm really up for any breed! I have more of a sense of urgency as on February 25, 2019 my aunt and uncle suffered a loss of their one year old Maltese who was struck by a car and unfortunately passed. They are in deep grieving and I'd really love to give them one of Jingle's puppies, even if it's the only puppy I get from the litter. I am willing to travel from Fairfield County (where I live) to New Jersey or Boston and even farther if need be. Stop sleeping on my good boye Jingles and let’s make this happen!!

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