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German Shepherd

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San Diego, California

Kennel club name:
Odin Von Schäfer Kirby

German Shepherd Dog (Alsatian)

Date of Birth:
23 December 2011

9 years, 1 months, 4 days

Date Listed:
06 September 2019

Dog (male)



Large experienced stud dog, service dog, therapy dog, & athlete. Looking for a large GSD female to breed with Odin. Odin is already a proud father of 9. All of his pups have grown to take after his very calm temperament, undying loyalty, extreme trainability, large size, and excellent hips/joints. Of his six sons, sizes ranged between 90-122lbs. Odin is nearly 8 years old and fast as ever, catching frisbees in flight. He is a registered medical alert dog and a licensed therapy dog. He is a very lean 93lbs. Proven producer of saddle back black/tan and a variety of sable coats.

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