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Working cocker for stud

Working cocker for stud Listing Image

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East Sussex

Kennel club name:
Midnight damson

Cocker Spaniel (Working)

Date of Birth:
31 July 2017

2 years, 11 months, 15 days

Date Listed:
02 October 2019

Dog (male)



AVAILABLE FOR STUD Proven (East Sussex) HEALTH TESTED Dudley (Midnight Damson) our health tested working cocker. Dudley is a young dog with tons of drive, stunning looks and a superb pedigree. His pedigree is flawless, his sire is FTW Breezybrook Hotshot and his dam is Badingham Buttons. He's a traditional small working cocker weighing 13kg. He's a strong powerful dog used for beating and picking up during the shooting season. He's also super speedy and loves agility. He has a biddable attitude to learning and always wants to please. He was breed for steadiness and temperament and is just so chilled at home. He has been tested clear for the following hereditary diseases: PRCD-PRA, AMS and FN. also up-to-date clear eyes/gonioscopy. This means no pups sired by Dudley can be affected. If you would like any more information please contact

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