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Beautiful Blue w/white markings looking for Black Stud

Beautiful Blue w/white markings looking for Black Stud Listing Image

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North Central Arkansas

Great Dane

Date of Birth:
20 March 2019

4 years, 6 months, 2 days

Date Listed:
28 December 2020

Bitch (female)



Lada will be 2yrs old in March and weighs 130 lbs we are looking for a black male for stud after March 2021. Lada is very protective, very active, and very loyal. We are looking for a male with the same qualities especially being active and not lethargic and protective We bred Lada but unfortunately she had some problems at birthing and the veterinarian gave her to much anesthesia and killed her. She provided us with 9 healthy puppies with no mother. We raised all 9 we kept 6 for ourselves and they are wonderfully like there mother smart protective and beautiful. We cry everyday missing our Lada Baby

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