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Located In Alabama, However I Have Family In Wisconsin And Iowa, So Anywhere In The Midwest Works Too


Date of Birth:
23 December 2017

5 years, 8 months, 30 days

Date Listed:
27 May 2022

Dog (male)



Maltipoo (maltese + mini poodle) stud dog looking for a female dog to have babies with! Charlie is 4 years old and a very handsome pup. He loves to cuddle, go on walks, and play with sticks. He has an all white coat; however, in the summer if he gets lots of sunshine he will have light yellow highlights. He's my best friend and a good boy. Would be looking to keep two from the litter (if litter is big enough) and would be willing to pay for the second one. But, the most important part is to keep at least one of the puppies from the litter. Charlie's lived with his best friend, a bojack terrier, for years now and the bojack just moved across the country with my sister. He's very much in need of a new lil buddy. Please let me know if you're interested! Oh, and he's healthy as can be and caught up on all of his vaccinations. He has never had any health issues.

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