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I'm looking 4 a 4ever Akc male Pomeranian

I'm looking 4 a 4ever Akc male Pomeranian Listing Image

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Date of Birth:
25 January 2021

0 years, 3 months, 15 days

Date Listed:
25 January 2021



Looking for a forever Akc male Pomeranian! I'm in love with the breed since I got my daughter her 1st puppy! I'm ready for my baby to come home? Lost my baby ab 2yrs ago and I'm ready to fill that hole! I had a female but lost her at 9yrs old with her having troubles with her female organs. So thought I would get a male this time to avoid any female problems! Say age no older then 4yrs old! The reason why I do Akc is bc yrs ago I had a dog stolen and they asked if I had papers I said no so I couldnt get her back! An ex boyfriend took her from me! So now I get a puppy or dog that has papers!

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