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Golden Retriever Christmas Puppies

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Golden Retriever

Date of Birth:
12 October 2022

0 years, 1 months, 28 days

Date Listed:
10 August 2022



These beautiful babies will be phenomenal! The sire is a gorgeous English Cream Golden Retriever named Lenny who has been bred to my incredibly intelligent and sweet American Golden Retriever named June bug. The price of $2500 will include Full Registration and all necessary supplies to get you started (puppy crate, privacy sheet, Science Diet Large Breed Puppy Food, food bowls, collar, and leash, chew toy, dental toy, interactive toy, plush toy, puzzle toy, first set of vaccinations and dewormer, as well a 6 weeks of training (basic commands of sit, stay and come with text support to get you through the complex housebreaking process. These sweet little babies will already be crate trained and ready to go home with you for Christmas!

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