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Shih Tzu

Date of Birth:
20 July 2022

0 years, 2 months, 9 days

Date Listed:
17 September 2022



>I have a wonderful litter of 5 Teddy Bear Pups.< > Contact me for current pup pictures, We also love getting questions about our pups, and requests for video call appointments.< >At the time of listing, they’re 8 weeks. I had both Parents DNA through Embark Each pup has been Vet health checked and vaccines given on 09/09/22. < * Pups could max out at 14 lbs, but often our pups final weight is closer to 10-12lbs. < >Every pup can be encouraged to be spunky, give kisses, and enjoy reclining chair time with me or any of my family.< >Let me introduce you a little bit to Buckie is a male pup that’s “rare”, (they say that mostly black Shichons are rare, and to add to the rare sweetness, he’s got tan “eyebrows “, and on his legs and butt. Buckie is my first rare, Buckie is mostly black, with dark tan and white markings). He’s fun spirited, and looks deeply into my eyes, as if he wishes every time, I’ll pick him first to play with. He’s very curious, and seems to nap quickly, Maybe it’s his plan, so he can go, go, go, when his batteries are charged< >Aster is a good sized male bicolored, white/black, there’s a bit of curl texture in his white/black patterns. He has a huge curiosity for steps. He’s too small to do stairs, but his mom, me, and the the other family pets use them… he wants to, as well.< >Alfie is a male bicolored white/black, he is on the smaller size with a lot of waves texture to. His hair, His smaller size just means smaller, he’s as outgoing as every pup in the litter. Often I see his mom engaging in horse playing with him, especially when I’m cooking< >Sunnie is a beautiful male, with pleasing to the eyes proportions, head, eyes, body, tail, length. He has a light creamy white body and face, with dark buff ears and dark buff markings on top of his head. *This week He’s learning what power he has with teeth, and there is no end to me saying no no Sunnie, or uhhh uhhh Sunnie, (that is my hint that I don’t fancy his mouthing exercising on my calves. It doesn’t hurt), but I don’t want it to become more< >Blossom is our only female from this litter, her coloring is pleasing to my eyes, she’s mostly creamy white, with dark tan ears, and a dark tan dollop on her back, where her tail rests. Blossom is the first one to do or try anything since she started crawling. She is absolutely without question this litters pack leader. Another fun fact. Blossom is very much like her mother. Today, we observed Blossom mimicking her mother, from sitting just like mom, to pawing at a cardboard box. No doubt that her mom knew, that her pup, is watching, and her momma duties have only changed from nursing to education. < >If you’re interested any of my pups, we do offer live video chat, and or if you prefer updated videos and updated picture requests (requests will be taken today or tomorrow depending if they’re sleeping, Because although I love sleeping puppy pictures, I understand an active pup is loads of fun to watch). < >THESE pups are raised in my home, as if I’m keeping them forever.< >As a breeder/trainer, I’ve had the pleasure to raise and train pups for over 40 years. < >The development and imprint bonding to people shows as soon as they’re walking, With the frequency our pups are being exposed to my family, by 6 weeks (this litter), our pups come to us when we call their names. >very engaging, they play with us, in group and as individuals (and once a day I like Catherine our k-9 puppy trainer to exercise the pups (and boy does she gives them a good run). >Pups currently being potty trained to go on pp pads as well as being taken out to potty. >Pups have access to our living spaces, (and sometimes they manage to find their way into our sleeping quarters). >Our pups are very social, >Our fun litter fact. Now that they’re 8 weeks, so much of the fun expands faster, A couple things I love a lot with these “kids”, is how they love to sit by the door just waiting for me to come back. They don’t always get to go every where I go. I always change up routines, so I know they’re learning over being lucky at guessing that tasks routine. I love seeing the 5 pups laying on the top porch step, and when I give them porch time and I lazily walk to our grass island, look back at 5 content pups, watching every step and move I make.

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