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Beautiful tuxedo Boston Terriers

Beautiful tuxedo Boston Terriers Listing Image

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Knoxville, TN

Boston Terrier

Date of Birth:
11 January 2023

0 years, 0 months, 27 days

Date Listed:
19 January 2023



The sire, PJ, is a purebred from a championship blood line. He is AKC registered and has champions on both sides of his blood line. Pedigree available. Litter mother Darcy was purchased as a family pet but hadn’t finished puppy obedience school before we saw extraordinary traits that needed to be passed on. Darcy is the smartest of three Bostons we have owned and anticipates things about to happen before they happen. She also understands when we are speaking about her and acts accordingly. For instance: “Did you feed Darcy this morning?” If the answer is no she’ll go to her bowl to wait but if the answer is yes, she won’t. She also knows when to leave our bedroom without being told to. Darcy runs with a gait like a cheetah. Very fast with both front paws out together and then both rear paws coming forward and pushing off the ground to be airborne. Much like a Greyhound’s racing gait. Another thing we noticed about Darcy is she stands like a queen. She knows she is a queen.. Darcy is CKC registered and her pedigree is also available for inspection or purchase from CKC. We have six males for sale at $1,200.

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