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Beautiful unusual mutt! Unlike any dog you've ever seen!

Beautiful unusual mutt! Unlike any dog you've ever seen! Listing Image

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Siberian Husky

Date of Birth:
20 January 2014

9 years, 8 months, 7 days

Date Listed:
30 July 2014

Bitch (female)



Beans, was rescued from an abused home! Her dad was a tea cup yorkie/Yorkshire terrier and her mom was a petite Siberian husky on the smaller side. She is the most unusual dog that I have ever seen personally! Everywhere we go she gets everyone's attention. Her eyes are as blue as blue, people are often intimidated by her eyes because they are so striking. She does not shed at all. Her hair is mainly Yorkshire terrier hair, it does not grow or get longer than it already is, therefore she is not a dog who has to be groomed. She is a sweetheart, great personality, loves to play, very smart, and gives lots of kisses. She only ways about 9 pounds, she is currently up to date on all of her shots! She is currently only 6 months old. I am looking to breed her sometime after she turns 1 year. If you are looking or interested in breeding your male dog with her please send me an email with a description of your dog, breed, age, and some pictures. For serious inquiries she is available to see in person and meet! Please contact me and let's get in touch!

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