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Tri colored hairy hairless Chinese Crested

Tri colored hairy hairless Chinese Crested Listing Image

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Imma Gunna Wrinkle


Kennel club name:
Atkins Horses

Chinese Crested

Date of Birth:
01 January 2014

9 years, 1 months, 6 days

Date Listed:
14 January 2015

Dog (male)



Your Dog's Information Breed of your dog: Hairy Hairless Chinese Crested Dog's color, if this breed has more than one: tri-color (black, white, brown points) Dog's Size if applicable (teacup, toy, mini, std, giant): Teacup/Toy - 6lbs Dog's Call Name (what do you call him): Wrinkles Dog's full registered name: IMMA GUNNA WRINKLE Dog's full birthdate (in this format, please ~ 00 Jan 0000): 19 May 2014 Kennel club(s) your dog is registered with (If CKC or ACA, spell out which one): AKC Performance, Chinesecrested.no Names and results or link to OFA website for testing done: n/a Names and results of other testing done: eye/ear pending Link to dog's pedigree, if available online: N/A Dog's description/qualities/temperament (up to 100 words): Beautiful, stout and proud guy posture, bold chest, beautiful feather like furnishings. Sweet and personable, non-aggressive. Wonderful and correct teeth and bite closure, 11 inches tall at wither, 6lbs and fully grown confirmed by veterinarian, filled out beautifully. Tri-colored with black/white/bronze points, ready to throw beautiful hairless and powderpuff pups! Stud fee (no ad will be published without a dollar amount listed for the fee. (It's usually about the cost of one puppy): $300 (Also, mark an "X", below, for any/all of the options, that you offer) Option: Negotiable:__ Option: Pick Of Litter: X Option: Fee or Price of Pup, whichever is greater: X (Mark an "X", below, for all of the methods of breeding, that you offer) Natural, live cover: X AI on site, artificial insemination done locally: X inquire on pricing! Cooled or frozen shipped semen: X inquire on pricing!

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