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Beautiful bi color basset looking to stud

Beautiful bi color basset looking to stud Listing Image

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Reno, NV

Basset Hound

Date of Birth:
15 April 2014

8 years, 11 months, 7 days

Date Listed:
03 May 2015

Dog (male)



Beautiful bi color male basset looking to stud. He is a sweetheart and I am looking to stud him out not for money but I want one or two of the puppies considering how big of a litter it is. I would like to get another dog and I know his bloodlines are good so I figured another would be good. If your interested lets get our dogs together. Looking for another basset but if it is a mix that I think may be cool I could be up to it. You will love him his ears are extremely long and his wrinkles make him look so cuddly.

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