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Bearded Collie Stud £450

Bearded Collie Stud £450 Listing Image

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Tyne And Wear

Bearded Collie

Date of Birth:
07 December 2013

5 years, 3 months, 14 days

Date Listed:
23 July 2015

Dog (male)



SMUDGE is a beautiful Brown & White Bearded Collie he is an exceptionally special dog not only in his temperament but also in his nature and super good looks. He will be 2 years old on the 7th of December 2015 & he is up to date with all of his vaccinations. My eyes are a unique Green in their colour, although you can't often see them due to my fringe. I think (know) I am super clever & I love to herd my toys, my mum & dad or anyone or anything else that I can add into my games. I love going for walks with my mum, and I'm pretty good when I am off my lead, when I meet my other canine friends, they let me herd them for a while before we start to play. Smudge came to live with us from a solid Bearded Collie working stock background, his Dad worked with the herds on the farm and his Mum had a more leisurely life, being more of a family pet. As Smudge came from a working farm on the boarders of Scotland and England he is not registered. This has its own advantages though, as working breeds are known to be often more sturdy, and they are less likely to suffer some of the health problems that some registered Beardies can encounter. Take a look at the photo's, and you will see what a Special Bearded Collie he is. A message from Smudge.... I do hope you would consider me to be the Proud Father of your next litter. Please contact my Mum or Dad if you need any more information Smudge's STUD FEE is £450 We DO NOT WANT pick of the litter.. Please note: Smudge is not for sale

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