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Bordernese Stud needed for breeding my Dog

Bordernese Stud needed for breeding my Dog Listing Image

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Bearded Collie

Date of Birth:
14 January 2015

6 years, 0 months, 2 days

Date Listed:
02 April 2016

Bitch (female)



So I have a female Bordernese (Bernese Mountain dog/Border coli mix) and I am look for a male to breed her with. We don't have any linage papers for her and are not trying to make money off her puppies. She is a wonderful dog with a great temperament, enthusiasm, and is very intelligent and good with kids and people. We have a few family members and friends who have ask us for or shown interest in a puppy from her so before we get her fixed we wanted to let her have a litter. She is now a year and a half and has recently had her 2nd heat so in about six months or so we what to try and breed her. So If you have a male Bordernese or a male Bernese we would be interested in hearing about your dog and working out some sort of payment for your dogs services, be it money or a puppy or two or whatever. We live in Windsor Ca and are willing to travel a bit but not too far. so shoot me an email and let us know thanks.

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