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Mastiff ready to Breed...Is he ever...

Mastiff ready to Breed...Is he ever... Listing Image

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Los Angeles

Neapolitan Mastiff

Date of Birth:
16 July 2016

6 years, 4 months, 24 days

Date Listed:
16 July 2016

Bitch (female)



Loving. Family dog thats good with kids and other dogs ready and available for stud service.All his shots are up to death and he has not had any major health issues.If you are looking to breed your dig with a loving, loyalty dog.Giapetto is the one. I keep him around a oean 112 lbs. Stud service is $900 upfront for up to 3 visits and $20 if it takes 4-5 visits.Afterwhich I will gladly gladly reimburse money but keep $100 for time,if it is proven your dog is not impregnated.. $400 charge for cold shipping for those whose dog need in vitro. Folks,Giapetto is not only my dog but my friend and Ive had lots of people tell me he would be the perfect stud because of his character and build.If you are looking to breed your dog with a big,powerful loyal,caring dog that gets along well with people as well as with other dogs then Giapetto is the perfect choice.

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