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Awesome Vizsla beast

Awesome Vizsla beast Listing Image

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Midwest - Wisconsin

Kennel club name:
Rusty Crusty Critter

Hungarian Vizsla

Date of Birth:
01 March 2015

7 years, 11 months, 6 days

Date Listed:
15 September 2016

Dog (male)



If you are looking for a Hungarian Viszla stud that has it all, you’ve found the right listing. Rusty is a gorgeous 5 year old Hungarian Vizsla, and is our family dog. He was purchased him as a puppy from Stoddard farms in South Dakota, who breeds and raises Hungarian Vizslas for upland bird hunting. Aside from being bred to be a great upland bird hunter, Rusty is as good-looking as Viszlas can get, and has the awesome family disposition that is a Viszla trademark. During hunting season, Rusty is a guide dog for pheasant hunting at private hunting lodges in Gregory and Winner, South Dakota. You won’t find a better hunting dog, or one with more drive and stamina. He makes other hunting dogs look absolutely pedestrian. Finally, Rusty is an experienced stud and has sired 3 litters, all with a minimum of 9 puppies. He has no white markings, allergies, or any physical ailments of any kind. If you have a female Vizsla and are looking for a stud, you won't find a better looking or better hunting Vizsla stud anywhere.

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