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Looking to breed awesome Vizsla beast

Looking to breed awesome Vizsla beast Listing Image

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Midwest - Wisconsin

Kennel club name:
Rusty Crusty Critter

Hungarian Vizsla

Date of Birth:
01 March 2015

5 years, 2 months, 24 days

Date Listed:
15 September 2016

Dog (male)



I am looking to breed my Hungarian Vizsla to get one of his offspring for my father. Rusty is a gorgeous,1.5 year old Hungarian Vizsla and is our family dog. I purchased him as a puppy from Kendall Stoddard, who breeds and raises Hungarian Vizslas for hunting (). Not only is Rusty a great all-around dog, he is one of the best upland game bird dogs I have ever seen,and that was before his first birthday! Taking into account his age, he is without question the best hunting dog I have ever had the pleasure of hunting with. He doesn't miss a bird, and as yet he has never not found a cripple, even those that land far away and run (and we're talking about tough, wild birds!) My wife would like me to get him neutered, but given how awesome of a dog he is, I don't want to go down that road without getting one of his offspring for my father first. If you have a female hunting Vizsla and are looking for a stud, you won't find a better looking or better hunting Vizsla stud anywhere.

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