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Standard Blue Merle Australian Shepherd

Standard Blue Merle Australian Shepherd Listing Image

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East TN

Kennel club name:
Rio Gomez

Australian Shepherd

Date of Birth:
22 December 2015

7 years, 1 months, 6 days

Date Listed:
20 December 2016

Dog (male)



Rio is a beautiful, blue-eyed, pure breed, well tempered, playful and sweet standard Blue Merle Australian Shepherd. He is our beloved family pet. He is very intelligent and training to be a therapy dog. He is good with all people and other dogs. Both of his parents are working dogs and work on a farm herding cattle. He is a stock dog. I would like him to breed with a black tri or solid color female Australian Shepherd. The owners must be responsible pet owners and have good homes lined up for the puppies. His stud fee is $500.

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