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Young male Boston Terrier seeking female partner

Young male Boston Terrier seeking female partner Listing Image

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Boston Terrier

Date of Birth:
27 April 2015

7 years, 9 months, 1 days

Date Listed:
30 January 2017

Dog (male)



Meet Rocco. He is a loveable, huggable and snuggable 2 year-old Boston Terrier who loves socializing and spending time at the dog park making friends. A perfect day for Rocco includes starting the morning with a good cuddle and then going out for a walk to show off his high energy and beautiful brindle coat for all his female (human and canine) friends to see, followed by a good TV watching session later. Her owner had previously preferred to keep him single, but has decided it’s time to get this stud a girlfriend. Would you be interested in having your own Rocco Jr.? Rocco’s not interested in long distance relationship due to their complexities so he prefers a local girlfriend. Ladies, what are you waiting for? Rocco might be the perfect match for you.

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