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Athletic build Neapolitan Mastiff. Very strong bloodlines

Athletic build Neapolitan Mastiff. Very strong bloodlines Listing Image

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Gaius Marius

Northeast Coast-Maryland

Kennel club name:

Neapolitan Mastiff

Date of Birth:
07 July 2015

7 years, 4 months, 20 days

Date Listed:
08 July 2017

Dog (male)



Gaius Marius has a natural athletic build. He is very gentle but very protective of his family. He is raised in a loving environment. He eats top of the line kibble along with a can of tuna. As treats he enjoys raw veggies and fruit. I have not had any health issues from day one. His bloodline is top notch. He enjoys playing soccer. That's his thing! He doesn't drool as much as I'm use to from my past neo's. That's a good thing. Contact me if you have a beautiful female that wants a lot of healthy babies :)

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