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Stunning chocolate poodle available for stud duties

Stunning chocolate poodle available for stud duties Listing Image

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North Yorkshire

Kennel club name:
Chocolate glowing shades


Date of Birth:
07 May 2014

4 years, 9 months, 9 days

Date Listed:
04 June 2018

Dog (male)



We have available for stud duties to select girls only our gorgeous poodle. He is an experienced stud from very good lines and carries the most amazing colors. Standing at 14 inches to the shoulder he is a very good size for most breeds and knows his job to a tee. All we ask is that your girl is in good health, up to date with vaccinations and wormed prior to mating, is of good temperament and over 1 year of age. We will always be available to help and even mentor those who have none or very little knowledge of the process. The fee is paid on first mating/tie and a second mating will be given 48 hours after. If for any reason your girl isn't in pup then we will give another mating on her next season. It is very important that you know when she comes into season so we can catch her at her most optimum time. I will scan her for you free at about 4/5 weeks gestation to let you know if she is pregnant too. Our boy is kc registered with fantastic Parasienta lines and is also dna tested clear for PRA. Copies of his certificates will be given at mating and pictures of him and puppies he has sired can be sent. We care about any puppies he has to his girls and would love to know when they arrive, we will even help with selling them if we can too.

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