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Chocolate Standard Poodle looking for female Golden or Labrador Retriever

Chocolate Standard Poodle looking for female Golden or Labrador Retriever Listing Image

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Date of Birth:
02 February 2016

3 years, 1 months, 19 days

Date Listed:
22 June 2018

Dog (male)



Hello, we are seeking to stud our sweet and affectionate standard poodle. He is a well-rounded dog who loves to play fetch, go swimming, play with other dogs, go on bike rides, and boats. He is extremely obedient and has been easy to train. Captain completed both the beginner and intermediate training from Petsmart. Additionally, he has a good temperament and is good with both kids and cats. We would like to mate him with an English Labrador or golden retriever in order to produce labradoodle or golden doodle puppies. For a stud fee, we would like pick of the litter. Captain comes from a poodle breeder, however he was rehomed to us so we currently do not have his original purebred papers. We are in the process of obtaining his papers. We plan to have the appropriate tests conducted for Captain prior to breeding and are interested in pairing him with a bitch that has also demonstrated good health and genetics. Please feel free to contact us to inquire more, even if it's been a few months after this was first posted. We are not in a rush and are primarily interested in finding a good combination to produce quality puppies with a focus on health and temperament. Thank you, Tuana and Will

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