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PROVEN Miniature Phantom Poodle for stud

PROVEN Miniature Phantom Poodle for stud Listing Image

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Issac James


Kennel club name:

Poodle (Miniature)

Date of Birth:
24 December 2018

2 years, 1 months, 3 days

Date Listed:
18 April 2020

Dog (male)



12lbs/11.5 inch AKC registered Miniature Phantom Poodle who embark tested. He has some of the most amazing traits any dog owner would appreciate some including loving, intelligence, and extremely quirky. He has already successfully provided his services to multiple breeds. He also has teacup in his bloodline, which he successfully produced. He can produce teacup/toy/ miniature poodles with his size, and produce smaller standards/ moyen pups with a standard poodle. We will use our services to any and all breeds. If you want your female dog to stay at our house for three days there will be no problem with that. We will travel if needed, but will start charging a fixed rate if miles exceeds over a certain amount. If he cannot tie because the dog is too big we have an entire insemination kit with extender and he’ll always pull for us. We also are able to ship his sperm to all locations. Will consider first pick as well.

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