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Virgin Westie

Virgin Westie Listing Image

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East Coast

Kennel club name:
Continental Kennel Club

West Highland White Terrier

Date of Birth:
28 June 2011

9 years, 0 months, 17 days

Date Listed:
05 June 2020

Dog (male)



Happy, chilled out male westie! Loves every living creature! Very large for his breed (32 pounds). All muscle! True Hercules of the Westie world. Have paperwork to prove his lineage! Truly the sweetest pup that I have ever had in my family. Love him so much! He has never been with a lady — because of his parents moving around so much! Since he is getting up there in age, we all want to have his lineage carried on. One request: have one male pup to keep from the litter! No need to explain, right?! We are moving to Georgia in July 2020

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