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730 Golden Elm Dr, Apopka, FL

Labrador Retriever

Date of Birth:
22 July 2019

3 years, 10 months, 18 days

Date Listed:
18 September 2020

Dog (male)



Leo is a purebred Chocolate Labrador and is registered with the AKC. He is a really intelligent sweet boy and is friendly with everybody. We will go for a run and exercise every morning. Leo loves to play fetch with a ball, but he especially loves to play in the water and swim at the beach. He tries to race the other dogs when playing fetch at the beach in the water to show he is “top dog”. Leo and I love to take road trips together and go camping. When we are in the wild, he is very protective and likes to show he is a Big Boy by barking and warning us of anything coming close to our tent. We always feel so safe to travel anywhere with Leo, he is our guard dog on the road and cuddle bug at home. We would love to meet you and your pup soon!

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