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yellow/red labrador retriever

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Labrador Retriever

Date of Birth:
15 January 2011

9 years, 10 months, 18 days

Date Listed:
20 September 2020

Dog (male)



Flash is my yellow/red lab. He comes from exceptional hunting background, he has award wining champions on his papers. The majority of the hunting bloodlines comes from duck hunting dogs, flash's hunting skills were almost instinctual. Hes 9 years old, he is beyond healthy and fit. His muscle is very toned, he has enough energy to hunt all day and night. His temper is very laid back, one of the calmest dogs I've owned. His sense of smell and hearing is top of the line. Hes easy to train, highly obedient and loyal. He has not sired any litters yet, hes new to the studding service. His stud fee is lower due to his lack of breeding experience. His color is different, hes a yellow lab with red tint and red edging on his ears. His paws are perfectly square his fur is course and soft amazing for water. Hes a strong swimmer and runner. If interested please email me or text me, I can send pedigree papers over those contacts any other papers will have to be seen over a meeting which can be scheduled.

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