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AKC Apricot Parti Poodle Stud

AKC Apricot Parti Poodle Stud Listing Image

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Omaha's Redeeming Fire


Kennel club name:
Wilkie Doodles


Date of Birth:
18 December 2017

3 years, 0 months, 29 days

Date Listed:
20 September 2020

Dog (male)



Aka "Oakey" is an AKC Apricot Parti Standard Poodle. He is very sharp and so smart and teachable! He has a very sweet temperament and loves people! He has gorgeous babies that take on his laid back, lovable personality and are super intelligent and excellent companions! We get some beautiful red, apricots and blondes from him with cute, white markings! Welcoming to Doodles as well. :) We can't recommend him enough! Now shipping semen. Oakey is genetic and health tested through Embark and came back excellent and clear in over 192 genetic and health conditions. He has 1 recessive copy of type 1 vWD, which means he is not affected, but a carrier, so as long as the dam does not have the same copy, it won't pass to the puppies. Dam must be health tested to confirm she is clear in this area. $800 for semen, $400 non refundable fee for expenses of semen collection and shipment. Get in touch with any questions or for more details!

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