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Handsome Siberian Husky

Handsome Siberian Husky Listing Image

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Siberian Husky

Date of Birth:
08 June 2020

1 years, 1 months, 15 days

Date Listed:
11 November 2020

Dog (male)



Whiskey is a handsome, sweet, and playful young boy we are hoping to Stud out when he reaches full sexual maturity next month. For a husky he has a really good temperament and he rarely ever barks or howls (unless he's being playful). As you can see he has beautiful markings and wolf-gray colored coat and he's estimated to be around 80 lbs when he reaches adult age. He is recently AKC registered and we had a DNA genetic panel done on him showing he's 100% Siberian Husky and has a clear health panel showing zero copies of disease mutations. This would be our first time Studding out a dog so if your interested in having him breed with your dog feel free to contact! P.S. the last picture of him was him back in beginning of October just a fun pic of him

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