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AKC Certified Black Labrador Retriever for Stud

AKC Certified Black Labrador Retriever for Stud Listing Image

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Kennel club name:

Labrador Retriever

Date of Birth:
18 January 2011

9 years, 10 months, 16 days

Date Listed:
21 November 2020

Dog (male)



Beautiful Black Labrador Retriever named Zeus. Zeus is one of the best socialized, well-tempermented dogs you will ever meet. Zeus is an amazing soul that has hiked and traveled all over the country. Through desert, mountains, trees and brush, through stream and lake, across tundra and ice.. Zeus is the ultimate Adventure Pup. He is also exceptionally strong, and still at this age, can carry massive logs and downed trees for miles. But alas, he is growing old, and I am looking to continue this amazing dogs legacy. I don't know much about dog breeding, but this dog is a a valued member of our community and must be bred at least once in his life. Zeus is fully AKC certified, and comes from a long lineage certified pedigree dogs (full documentation available). He also has no documented health issues at the moment, and no history of illness or complications (full vet records available). Please reach out if you have any questions, or any advice!

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