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Black/brown F1 Labradoodle Male

Black/brown F1 Labradoodle Male Listing Image

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Charlie Barker

Florida, Florida Keys, Southeastern USA


Date of Birth:
01 October 2019

1 years, 3 months, 24 days

Date Listed:
25 November 2020

Dog (male)



Charlie is the perfect family dog. He is a one year old, half and half (F1) labradoodle. His father was a large standard poodle and his mother a black lab. He has a black and brown, minimally shedding coat, he is about 27 inches tall, 75 pounds and almost finished growing, he has an energetic and playful demeanor, is gentle with children and other dogs and animals. He enjoys all the activities of a busy family including boating, sailing, swimming and running around our ranch. He is a great companion as well as a good sport, and has a very loving and affectionate temperament. He is also very healthy and strong, Charlie mixed with a beautiful female standard poodle would produce some of the most handsome and desirable F1B labradoodle puppies ever. We are seeking such a mate for him, we are willing to travel to you within state/region, and we are asking only a modest stud fee to cover our expenses, one puppy's worth or a pup, your choice. It is just our hope that Charlie’s potential is fulfilled, he was conceived by a chance of fate. If an F1 like Charlie was to breed with another labradoodle the result would still be a type of labradoodle like F2 or F2B which have the hallmark traits of the breed like a hypoallergenic coat as well as all Charlie’s qualities he already exhibits in the first generation, intelligence of a poodle with lovable personality of a Labrador. If you are still reading you must think he is too good to be true, so for full disclosure we admit he has a bit of that headstrong puppy attitude sometimes, and he can tend to bark, quite loudly, mostly at strangers, greeting known visitors with a more friendly ‘arff.' what he lacks in silent obedience he makes up for in good looks and charm. So, owners of female standard poodles and/or labradoodles please respond and make Charlie’s dream come true!

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